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About Us

Two Decades of Provision:

Pipedream Design, started by it’s current proprietor, Andrew Blaney is a family run company that has stood out from its competitors for nearly 20 years because of the unique and professional, old school attitude and approach to customer service. This, along with excellence in design and sound business knowledge, gives Pipedream a competitive edge; being recognised for a comprehensive, value for money, personal and friendly service. Our extensive portfolio speaks for itself.

The Pipedream team consists of highly skilled individuals, each with a high degree of experience in their own fields.

To ensure quality, we take care to:

  • Identify existing gaps and target areas most in need of improvement
  • Measure the quality of existing content and service and act accordingly
  • Keep software, databases and scripting up to date and future proof where possible
  • Understand how we can improve our customer service as situations arise
  • Commission high-quality services where necessary
  • Conduct appropriate consultations when required

Taking Care to Do What We Do:

Our business succeeds because we take great care to look at potential pitfalls versus recent trends and act accordingly each year; to us, an accountant is just as much a part of the team as a programmer or designer, thus ensuring continued success and longevity. We only use companies, staff or services that are at the top of their industry and with a proven track record of continuous risk assessment, giving you the peace of mind that should something untoward happen, leading to Pipedream no longer being able provide the quality level of service you require, complete recovery is available from trusted, external sources.

You can be assured that no material, data, personal or customer details obtained whilst in a working or business relationship are held or passed on, other than for the necessary workings of the website; we take customer privacy very seriously and any server (company) used to store data fully conforms to The Data Protections Act 1998.

When Pipedream build a website, it focuses its efforts to create a good balance between design and fast loading speed. We believe that it is important for the site to be not only visually appealing, but also for the site to be quick, easy and intuitive to use by both admin and the customer.

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Our Team

Andy - Senior Designer Michelle - Account Manager James - Web Development David - Digital Marketing Paul - Sales & ...
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About Us

Two Decades of Provision: Pipedream Design, started by it's current proprietor, Andrew Blaney is a family run company that has ...
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Our collaborations include many different types of companies and organisations ...